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Loewe local receiver OE 333 from 1926 (Wikimedia commons)

Participants' projects

Assistant professor Anja M. Lindelof (Roskilde University, Dept. of Performance Design): Music, Radio, and Liveness

Associate professor Charlotte Rørdam Larsen (Aarhus University, Dept. of Aesthetics): Danish National Radio from the Outside: Negotiations of Professionalism and Amateurism in the Transmissions and Recordings from the Province 1925-1965

Researcher Henrik Smith-Sivertsen (Royal Library, Music Section): Music Charts and DR from the Early 1960s to the Mid-1990s

Associate professor Iben Have (Aarhus University, Dept. of Media): Radio Hosts as Music Presenters

PhD fellow Katrine Wallevik (University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Arts and Cultural Studies): SILENCE! … What you listen to, is who you are

Post doc Kristine Ringsager ( University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Arts and Cultural Studies): Broadcasting Musical Alterity

Associate professor Mads Krogh (Aarhus University, Dept. of Aesthetics): Genre Culture, Segmentation and Formats within Danish National Music Radio

Associate professor Michael Fjeldsøe (University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Arts and Cultural Studies): Negotiating Programming Policies for Classical Music in Danish National Radio during the Hot and Cold War

Associate professor Morten Michelsen (University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Arts and Cultural Studies): Music on Interbellum National Radio

Professor MSO Nicolai Graakjær (Aalborg University, Dept. of Communication & Psychology): Contemporary Sports Radio Music – An Examination of Formats and Functions

Associate professor Steen Kaargaard Nielsen (Aarhus University, Dept. of Aesthetics): The Evil Twins of 'Mechanical Music' Revisited – DR and Phonographic Music before World War II